Connections with Eva Longoria - Podcast

Happiness with Dr. Laurie Santos

What does it truly mean to be happy? This week, Eva is joined by Yale Professor of Psychology and happiness expert, Dr. Laurie Santos, to explore the idea of happiness—including what we get wrong about it, the proven strategies to be happier, and why connection is so important in leading a happy life.

Entrepreneurship and Motherhood with Star Lash Extensions Founder, Yris Palmer

This week, Eva is joined by fellow Latina, entrepreneur, and mother, Star Lash Extensions founder Yris Palmer, to talk about the connection between work and motherhood. Yris talks about how she grew her booming business as a young mom, and the two connect on staying present at work and at home. Eva and Yris also explore what they want to teach their children, and why it’s so important to give back to the Latinx community – especially the working mothers.

Music and Culture with Becky G

How can music help us connect to culture—and to each other? This week, Eva is joined by singer, actress, and entrepreneur, Becky G, to break down these ideas and how they intersect. Eva and Becky connect about their shared Mexican heritage, the many ways their culture has influenced their work, and what it’s like to be a part of the “200% club” – 100% American and 100% Mexican.

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