Julie Poutrel, Community Manager

Passionate about cinema for several years, Julie started working in the theatre when she graduated from high school in 2014 with the amateur troupe "Le Qui-Vive" in Bois-Guillaume. The following year, she left for Paris to pursue her training as an actress. She joined the Cours Florent for one year, then did a second year at the Cours Paul Clément. In 2017, she paused the theatre in order to resume her studies, and obtained her DAEU Literature (diploma equivalent to the BAC) at the University of Rouen. In September 2018, she was admitted to the Licence of the Performing Arts at the University of Caen, with the aim of discovering new artistic professions, and in particular the field of directing.

In addition to cinema, Julie is a great passionate about TV series. Thanks to the series "Once Upon A Time", which is very close to her heart, she discovered the world of dubbing, in which she was very interested and a fervent advocate. She organizes meetings between fans to which she invites, with the help of Emmanuelle Lefebvre (MesSeries.fr and Boom Dubbing), the French voices of the series.

In parallel with her studies, Julie has developed her skills in infography. Although she did not continue along this path, it is nevertheless a passion that is still part of her daily life. She puts her creative spirit at the service of social networks, in the design of Facebook designs and pages, or in the creation of charitable projects.

She joined the Adama Toulon adventure in 2019, thanks to Sophie Escrivant who invited her to participate in the "World Women Heroes Awards" project... 
World Women Heroes Awards by Adama Toulon
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