Brigitte Ricard, Vice President

Pharmacist and University Doctor (Biochemistry section), passionate about Science, her path is clear for her to work in a research and diagnostic laboratory. Curious about everything, she also seeks a certain freedom and creativity in her work that one day pushes her to leave straw mattresses and pipettes to enter the corporate world.  She thus acquired solid experience in various scientific Societies and a good reputation among researchers in Biology. Today she creates her own firm within a cooperative entrepreneurs to offer services to companies.

At the same time, since her teenage years, she has cultivated a passion for the world of Science Fiction, which has led her to meet Sophie Escrivant, president of the Adama Toulon association.
The latter proposes to associate her with her project "The New Technologies and Science Fiction Fair" in Toulon in 2013. All it takes is for her to be seduced and it is a great adventure alongside Sophie that she starts and continues.

Today, it is the new projects that highlight Women in Society that are being discussed and she intends to use her passion for Biological Sciences to propose new ideas within the association.
World Women Heroes Awards by Adama Toulon
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