Sophie Escrivant, President

Sophie Escrivant, a fighter who believes in her   dreams.
Sportive and determined, this entrepreneur, trained at the field school, has never hesitated to take up challenges. In September 2012, she founded the Adama Toulon Association to organize a fair bringing together two worlds: New Technologies and Science Fiction, in her hometown of Toulon.
It was quite naturally in a computer manufacturing company that this computer scientist's daughter chose to take her first steps. Then she left Toulon for Paris, where for four years she discovered the world of desktop publishing and digital technology. A very enriching on-the-job training that will prove decisive for the rest of his career. When the company closes its doors, she decides to return to Toulon, where she begins, thanks to the CCI of the Var, an additional training on these trades which will now be her core activity.

A pioneer of the Internet
At the same time, she created a micro-company to set up one of the first luxury real estate sales portals on the Internet, which will enable her to make herself known and collaborate on the website of the city of Toulon. In a few years she acquired a solid reputation and decided to take a step forward, by creating her own company in November 2004. Today his computer training company (DTP - digital photography - Internet creation - Webmarketing - multimedia - video - office automation), works for large groups and various government departments. In 2016, she signed a contract for the management and maintenance of dedicated ERP software for a Paris-based construction company.
Member of Women Entrepreneurs Organization
However, it is not always easy to establish oneself in this still very masculine world of business leaders. But she was able to count on the support of the Women Entrepreneurs Network FCE France, to which her mother already belonged, and which she joined in the early 2000s. "There is real solidarity and mutual help that allows us to face difficult moments and the association increases our visibility, which is crucial to approach more easily the decision-makers". In 2002, she became a member of the board of the Toulon delegation in charge of communication. In 2011, she took in charge of web communication at the national level. In 2016, she was appointed to the National Board as Event Manager and Community Manager. In November 2017, she was appointed World Communication Manager of the World Association of Women Business Owners (FCEM).
Creator of an innovative exhibition
Never short of ideas, she embarked on a new adventure. "I have long wanted to organise a major event in Toulon, which will enable this city to make its assets better known, by capitalizing on its many potential. Passionate about new technologies and admiring American conventions that bring together thousands of "fans", I wanted to rediscover this spirit by pushing the concept even further and bringing together professionals in the sector and enthusiasts in the same place. Thus, innovative companies from the Toulon area and big names in entertainment such as the Syfy television channel of the NBC Universal Group or the Gameloft video game publisher are present at the New Technologies and Science Fiction Exhibition. The way to bring together a very large public. "I have surrounded myself for this purpose with a team of enthusiasts gathered within the Adama Toulon association".
And since Sophie Escrivant is a woman of heart, auctions have been organized and the funds donated to the association "Sanctuary for kids", which helps abused, exploited or vulnerable children, chaired by Amanda Tapping. "I didn't want this show to be focused on a purely commercial aspect, but also to be a great moment of sharing and exchange at all levels. The action led by this actress has touched me and I am proud that we can make our contribution.
Since 2012, the Adama Association has created several events. A "Babylon 5" Convention, in the presence of 3 actresses from the series, in 2016 in Paris. The "T'Imagin 2" convention and the 1st edition of the "Avignon Geek Expo" exhibition in 2017. The "South Geek Festival" in 2018 in Arles. And in collaboration with FCE France, the organization of the "FCE AERO AWARDS", in 2017, during the Paris-Le Bourget International Air Show (SIAE).
After the closure of the "Sanctuary For Kids" Association at the end of 2018, Sophie Escrivant and the members of the association decided to take a new turn and focus exclusively on events dedicated to women and their impact on society.


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