Léa Ribeiro, Marketing Manager

Very resourceful and motivated, Léa embarked on business studies in September 2018. Following a scientific baccalaureate, his attention was focused on commerce and all that is related to it. With diverse interests, she followed language and art options during her high school years, and still uses them today to get a more complete picture of what surrounds her.
Léa is also passionate about dance and has practiced the sport for 16 consecutive years. Courses, galas, competitions... all this allowing him to acquire determination and a sense of sharing.

During her post-baccalaureate education, she also created a charity with 6 of her classmates to support the development of schooling in disadvantaged countries. Marchons Ensemble was able to donate its funds to the international association Sur le Chemin de l'école and contributed to the schooling of a young Kenyan boy. As president, Léa has learned how to manage a team and portray the image of an association. She was able to discover the many responsibilities and the organization that this requires.

Among all this, Léa gives daily importance to the art of filmmaking, whether in the form of films or series. Attracted by originality and novelty, she spends a large part of her free time watching feature films or episodes of new series. Being also of a curious nature, she is interested in the background of the actors, who are always very different from each other.

Léa joined the Adama Toulon association in 2019, thanks to Sophie Escrivant, to participate in the "World Women Heroes Awards" project.
World Women Heroes Awards by Adama Toulon
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