The goop Podcast with Victoria Beckham

Gwyneth Paltrow talks with the fashion designer and entrepreneur about turning 50 and why she wanted to get into the fashion and beauty businesses. hey talk about their families, what it's like to pivot from one career into another, and their favorite Spice Girls songs.

Les Héritières: Florence Dauchez

Florence Dauchez, journaliste engagée pour la visibilité des femmes est l’invitée de Sophie Iborra dans Les Héritières. Si son visage d’ange a crevé les écrans pendant plus de 20 ans, elle est désormais une entrepreneure pour qui le journalisme n’a de sens que s’il contribue à changer le monde.

Katie Couric on shaking the morning show stigma

Legendary broadcast journalist Katie Couric joins "Now What? with Brooke Shields" final episode to share lessons she's learned from her extraordinary career. Katie tells Brooke how she responded when CNN’s president questioned her talent, what she took from her history-making turn at CBS Evening News, and how she fought to shake the “morning news albatross.” 

Jane Fonda: A Lifetime of Activism

Jane Fonda has spent the last several decades fighting for Indigenous peoples' rights, economic justice, LGBTQ rights, peace, gender equality and more. Now, she is devoting herself to the climate emergency, beginning with Fire Drill Fridays, the national movement to protest government inaction on climate change she started in October 2019.

Jennifer Morrison | Inspiration is Everywhere

On this episode of The Story & Craft Podcast, we sit down with Actor & Director, Jennifer Morrison. We chat about her journey from the theater stage in Chicago, to the dynamic world of television…both in front of and behind the camera. Jennifer shares her early experiences in directing community theater and how her acting roles, especially on hit shows like "House", served as an education for her work as a director.

Julia Gets Wise with Jane Fonda

Wiser Than Me with Julia Louis-Drevfus. Julia sits down with the one and only Jane Fonda. With a career spanning over six decades, Jane – now 85 years old – hits all the highlights: staying fit at any age, fantasizing about funerals, getting heckled on set by Katharine Hepburn…and something about a fake thumb.

Les Héritières: Sandrine Sarroche

À la fois humoriste, chansonnière, imitatrice, chroniqueuse et actrice, elle endosse tous les costumes. De la robe d’avocat aux planches des théâtres, des services juridiques aux plateaux de télévision, elle défend avec humour et en musique, notamment, la cause des femmes sans dogmes ni tabous. Elle aurait pu suivre la lignée familiale en devenant coiffeuse ou pâtissière, elle a choisi de « tailler » les puissants en mixant les genres artistiques.


Authentic Power: Big Talk with Kerry Washington

In this heartfelt Big Talk, Gabby talks with actress Kerry Washington about her new memoir, Thicker Than Water, and the many personal family secrets it reveals. The episode is filled with emotional vulnerability, powerful admissions, and profound revelations about what it means to really heal. It’s an inspiring discussion about how to fearlessly face—and grow from—owning the whole truth about ourselves.

Apartment 3C: The Bookshelf with Jennifer Morrison

You’ve landed on THE BOOKSHELF with Jennifer Morrison. As a kid, you could always find me in the library, in awe of stories bigger than me and the Chicago suburb I lived in. Reading is the central resource for all of my creative endeavours. On ONCE UPON A TIME, reading between camera set ups, authors seemed like untouchable gods.